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Millennium Series Limited Run
BLW's Y2K Series cars are made/decorated by Micro-Trains® exclusively for BLW. Limited Run Offering! Watch for more in BLW's exclusive Millennium Series.!
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BLW Exclusive Special Run

We have had so many requests from those who missed out on our original run, thet we have re-issued our US Army 40' Single Door Box Cars with new road #'s ... this time also featuring loads. Each car sports a different N scale load. These are now in stock and available for immediate shipment ...

Click on photo above for additional information on this series.

US Army 40' Box Car with Loads, 3 Pk
ITEM # MT-2000-38


US Army 40' Box Car w/Load, Single
ITEM # MT-2000-38S (single car from set/our choice of load)


With-in driving distance from Brooklyn Locomotive Works is the Earle Naval Ammunitions Depot located in Colts Neck, NJ. Due to the Navy's need in WW II for an East Coast ammuniltion depot to help supply the war effort, this safe/sheltered location was selected as a suitable site where ships could be supplied with ammunition from the west fed by near-by rail lines. At its height, the Weapons Station Railroad consisted of 130 miles of track with 5 locomotives on assignment. Now called Earle Naval Yard, it is the process of being phased out.

US Navy Earle Ammunition Depot 40' Box, 3 Pk
ITEM # MT-2000-37


US Navy Earle Ammunition Depot 40' Box, Single
ITEM # MT-2000-37S (single car from set)


Susquehanna 33' Twin Bay Hopper 3 Pack Set
ITEM # BLW-2000-34


The Rutland Railroad (RUT) operated primarily in the state of Vermont with services extending into NY. First chartered in 1843, despite financial difficulties, it remained in service until 1963. It is now included in the Vermont Railroad. BLW is pleased to offer this distinctive set of Rutland 50' general service gondolas as part of our special run Millennium Series.

Rutland 50' General Service Gondola 3 Pk
ITEM # BLW-2000-25 -


BNSF Wedge/Swoosh Logo Tankers: This special run was a natural for us to do! Micro-Trains released their beautiful 56' GS Tanker in the Great Northern paint scheme (Item #110050). GN's first order for these cars from GATX was received in July, 1962 ... with many more to follow. While commonly used to haul crude, the GN also hauled coconut and soybean oils as well as cresylic acid. These cars made their way into the BNSF fleet and are now sporting the new "Swoosh" or "Wedge" logo. The BNSF plans on applying their new corporate identity logo on all freight cars as they are repainted. BLW is pleased to offer these exclusively in N Scale. Now in stock ... ready for immediate shipment.

BNSF Swoosh Logo 56' GS Tanker Set
ITEM # BLW-2000-24 (3 Car Set)


New York, New Haven & Hartford (New Haven) Hopper Set. Anthracite is the cleanest buring coal available. Major anthracite deposits in the United States were located only in Utah and eastern Pennsylvania. The New Haven used their fleet of 33' Hopper cars to help deliver coal to numerous stops along their system. While some of their coal hoppers were brown with script herald (BLW 2000-11), the vast majority wer painted black. We previously released BLW 2000-17 which was the late "New Haven" version. (Both of these previous releases are still available in limited quantities). We are very pleased to now offer N scalers set # BLW 2000-22 which is the black early version with NYNH&H block lettering. Neither of the 2 black paint schemes have previously been offered in N scale on the 33' hoppers.
Click on photo of car above for listing of other Micro-Trains special run New Haven hoppers.

NYNH&H Black 34' Rib Sided Hopper Set
ITEM # BLW-2000-22


NYNH&H Blk 34' Rib Sided Hopper, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-22S - This is a single car taken from set


The Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway was centered in the Pittsburgh, PA and Wheeling, WV areas. In the early 1900's it was an extension of George J. Gould's Wabash Railroad but went into receivership in 1908. In 1931, the P&WV was at its height with the completion of an extension that connected it to the Western Maryland Railway at Connellsville, PA. It became an important part of the Alphabet Route, a coalition of smaller railroads (hence the name) that connected the Midwest to the Northeast. It served as a freight alternative to the big four major players: B&O, Erie, NYC and PRR. The "hard times" of the Depression put a real dent in the P&WV's expansion plans. It was finally leased by the N&W in 1964 when that road acquired other portions of the "Alphabet Route." By 1990 most of the former P&WV was then leased to a new spinoff, the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad. Long neglected in N scale, BLW is pleased to offer this limited edition set -- part of our 40' Boxcar Classics series.

Pittsburgh & West Virginia 40' Box 3 Pk
ITEM # BLW-2000-21


P&WV Classic 40' Box, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-21S - This is a single car taken from set


The Central Railroad of New Jersey, simply called the Jersey Central Lines or CNJ by railfans dates all the wayback to the 1830's. Its main line ran from Jersey City west across New Jersey. It crossed the Delaware River to Easton and Scranton. There were also branches running into southern NJ. Dating back to 1883, the Reading Railroad had a strong influence over the CNJ which it continued to use as its NY City area "terminal". The CNJ ended in 1976 when it was officially "absorbed" into Conrail. Of historical interest, Liberty State Part in Jersey City includes much of what was once CNJ's Jersey City Terminal. BLW is pleased to be able to offer this limited edition Micro-Trains run exclusively.
Car is light boxcar red with black roof/ends and has two "paint-out" areas where data was changed during the life of the car. Another in our 40' Classic boxcar series.

Jersey Central Classic 40' Box 3 Pk
ITEM # BLW-2000-20


Jersey Central Classic 40' Box, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-20S - This is a single car taken from set


Though small by national standards, the Maine Central was the largest railroad in the state of Maine. Although it was first chartered in 1856, its history goes back to the very first days of railroading in the state. Nicknamed "The Pine Tree Route", the railroad hauled large amounts of pulp wood from the surrounding forests and also helped to deliver paper products from the many mills in the state. Its primary connection was with the Boston & Maine at Portland and on the east it reached the US/Canadian border. It faced stiff competition from trucking and was sold to U.S. Filter Corporation in 1980 and then resold to Guilford Transportation Industries in 1981 (the same company which also purchased the Boston & Maine). We hope that this special run offering will help the Maine Central to live on ... thanks for the support. This is another in our "Classic Boxcar Series".

Maine Central Classic 40' Box 3 Pk
ITEM # BLW-2000-19


Maine Central Classic 40' Box, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-19S - This is a single car taken from set


Lehigh and New England 40' Boxcar features black roof.
The Lehigh and New England Railroad (LNE reporting marks) connected northeastern Pennsylvania towards the Poughkeepsie Bridge across the Hudson River. The railroad faced decreasing revenues with the decline of mining operations in Pennsylvania. Parts of the road were taken over by the Central Railroad of New Jersey and the entire operation was later absorbed into Conrail. BLW is pleased to offer these classic boxcars exclusively in N scale.

Lehigh & New England Classic 40' Box 3 Pk
ITEM # BLW-2000-18


Lehigh & New England 40' Box, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-18S - This is a single car taken from set


With roots back to 1872, the New Haven has long been a favorite with railfans. This once proud carrier came to an untimely end with its inclusion into Penn Central on 1/1/1969. The NH lives on in our hearts and minds, and BLW is very pleased to offer this special run black hopper set -- the first time this paint scheme has been made available in N scale.

New Haven Black 34' Rib Sided Hopper Set
ITEM # BLW-2000-17


Auto-Train Enclosed Auto-Rack Car
Auto-Train began service in 1975 based on an innovative concept that suggested families could relax en route and then arrive at their destination without the expense and unfamiliarity of a car rental upon arrival. Auto-Train Corporation was established as a public corporation that operated on rails leased from Seaboard Coast Line and the RF&P. Auto Train is a scheduled 855-mile train service for passengers and their automobiles, operated by Amtrak between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.) and Sanford, Florida (near Orlando).
Through the years, Auto-Train added more and improved specialized equipment: such as these enclosed 89' Tri-Level Auto Rack cars to their consist. Passengers would ride in comfort, avoiding the wear and tear of the long ride on the busy Interstate 95. Their autos would arrive in complete safety and ready to go!
BLW is extremely pleased to exclusively offer N scalers these attractive and super-detailed cars made by Micro-Trains here in the US of A. Way to go, Micro-Trains. And, pun intended, thank you all for taking BLW "along for the ride".
This is the most ambitious paint scheme applied to the superbly detailed Micro-Trains auto-racks. Aside from the 5 color printing (red, white, blue, black and yellow) special masks had to be made for the red/white/blue stripes which span the length of the car and had to be applied across the "stainless steel" panels. We hope that this car will indeed be a very special edition/additionto your N scale fleet ...

Auto-Train Enclosed Auto Rack 3 Pack Set
ITEM # BLW-2000-16


Auto-Train Enclosed Auto Rack, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-16S - This is a single car taken from set


Firestone Single Dome Tanker, 3 Pack Set
ITEM # BLW-2000-15


Firestone Single Dome Tanker, Single
ITEM # BLW-2000-15S - This is a single car taken from set


Previous BLW Special Run Micro-Trains releases

NY Ontario & Western 36' Woodside Rfr 3 Pk
ITEM #BLW-2000-9 -- Shrink Wrapped 3 Car Set


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