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EMD F40PH Loco

  • New: Cummuter Version with Ditch Lights. Features:
  • New Body Tooling to replicate the commuter versions of this loco, including over-the-cab air conditioning vents
  • New illuminated ditch lights accompany the standard directional headlight and fully illuminated number boards.
  • DCC Friendly mechanism. It is not clear at present if it uses same boards as Amtrak version due to changes. TCS will announce correct decorder shortly.

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Item Number

Qty to
Kato new Commuter Version EMD F40PH
Caltrain #903 Commuter F40PH
ITEM # KA-1769003

LIST: $115

Caltrain #914 Commuter F40PH
ITEM # KA-1769004

LIST: $115

Metrolink #800 Commuter F40PH
ITEM # KA-1769005

LIST: $115

Virginia Railway Express #V36 Commuter F40PH
ITEM # KA-1769001

LIST: $115

Virginia Railway Express #V34 Commuter F40PH
ITEM # KA-1769002

LIST: $115

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Kato Amtrak F40PH
Kato Amtrak F40PH
Prototype Information:
The EMD F40PH is synonymous with the Amtrak era of American passenger trains. Although many F40PH's have been retired from Amtrak service, it operated for over 20 years. It continues to be the motive power for commuter railroads all over the United States. Over 400 F40PH locomotives have been manufactured by EMD in various configurations.

The F40PH went through some external changes during its production life and each railroad tended to order a custom package of headlights, horns, and other equipment that modelers call "details". Even Amtrak's several orders had multiple detail variations.

Model Features:
Models are available in Phase III versions.
All models are equipped with Kato's five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels.
Factory equipped with our new fully-automatic knuckle couplers.
Illuminated pre-printed number boards and directional LED lighting.
Front and rear Bright White LED Headlights will be equipped with a "flicker free" circuit.
"DCC Friendly" for easy drop-in installation of digital decoder. TCS K0D8C decoder and MRC Sound Board #1810 available.
Highly-detailed printing with warning labels and builder plates.

Amtrak Ph III F40PH's return!
Amtrak F40PH, Ph III, rd #376
ITEM # KA-1766102 -

LIST: $105

Amtrak F40PH, Ph III, rd #346
ITEM # KA-1766104

LIST: $105

Amtrak F40PH with Ditch Lights
Amtrak F40PH, Ph III, rd #334
ITEM # KA-1769006 - with Ditch Lights

LIST: $115

Amtrak F40PH, Ph III, rd #396
ITEM # KA-1769007 - with Ditch Lights

LIST: $115

MRC's F40PH Sound Decoder!
MRC 1810 Sound Decoder for Kato F40PH
Plug 'n Play Sound Board for Kato F40PH
Sound Decoder for Kato F40PH
ITEM # MRC-1810
LIST: $99.98

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