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SP GS-4 Steam Loco &
Morning Daylight Set
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American Freedom Train GS-4
The excellent Kato N GS-4 is now available in two new paint schemes – the “Bicentennial” paint scheme as worn by locomotive 4449 when it pulled the American Freedom Train in celebration of the USA’s 200th birthday, as well as the “Southern Pacific Lines” small lettering scheme in the Daylight coloring, depicting the original “as delivered” paint scheme of these powerful, beautiful locomotives. For this release the locomotives have been retooled to have the train number board at the front of the boiler, which is the way the locomotives were originally built (and how the surviving locomotive has been re-built today)
• Train Number boards located at the front of the locomotive to reflect the “as-built” GS-4 design.
• Detailed cab interior with removable roof to allow installation of figures
• True side-rod drive and powerful mechanism that allows a single locomotive to effortlessly pull a full 18-car “Daylight” consist up a 4% grade (Daylight sets still available/see below).
Kato American Freedom Train #4449 GS-4
In 1976, for the United States Bicentennial celebration, Southern Pacific's GS-4 #4449 was specially repainted into a red, white and blue “Bicentennial” scheme (also known as the “American Freedom Train” scheme), during which it pulled a special excursion train all across the United States. The Southern Pacific "American Freedom Train" (Bicentennial) version GS-4 has prototypical forward-mounted train number boards, as well as specially "blacked out" side rods and white rimmed drivers.
American Freedom Train GS-4 #4449
ITEM # KA-1260311 - Bicentennial Scheme - DCC Ready

LIST: $230

Southern Pacific Daylight "Lines" GS-4
Kato Southern Pacific Lines GS-4 Daylight
When they were first built, Southern Pacific's GS-4’s had their train number boards mounted at the front of the engine and wore the current (at the time) “Southern Pacific Lines” lettering on their tenders. In later years, these number boards were moved further back down the body to make them more readable.
The Southern Pacific Daylight "lines" version GS-4's have forward mounted train numbers for use when pulling the Southern Pacific Morning Daylight passenger train, and include alternate train number boards to depict either train 98, 99 or X4449 (for non-Daylight Train pulling duty)
SP Daylight "Lines" GS-4 #4449
ITEM # KA-1260305 - As Delivered Scheme - DCC Ready

LIST: $220

Southern Pacific "Daylight" GS-4
Kato SP Daylight GS-4 Loco
Kato has now included videos on their website, including one of the GS-4 pulling 18 cars
unassisted up a 4% grade. Click on the photo above to take a look! Wow! You can use your
Browser's back button to return back to our web page.
GS-4 Daylight Ultimate Passenger Power
Southern Pacific GS-4 #4449 is still running today, and is believed to be one of the most well known and most photographed locomotives ever made.

The GS-4 runs on four massive 80” drivers, 300lbs psi boiler pressure, and puts out a roaring 5,500 horsepower at 55mph, with a maximum speed of 110 mph. The large drivers gave the locomotive a high top speed; the telling mark of a steam engine built for passenger service. The GS-4 was built for the Southern Pacific Railroad by the Lima Locomotive Works and delivered in the early 1940’s for the SP’s premier passenger trains, finding its way to the Daylight series of name trains. One of the more unique specifications for the GS-4 by the SP was its Mars light, a necessity with the large amount of grade crossings and fog present on the West Coast. The Mars light, like ditch lights on modern locomotives, was utilized as a warning for grade crossings that a high speed train was approaching, its shifting light patterns serving as an eye catcher in foggy conditions.
- Click on cameras at left for additional photos.

• Drivers are operated by the side rods for smooth performance
• Powerful enough to pull the entire 18 car consist up a 4% grade! Wow!

• Locomotive has driver and tender electric pickup
• Directional operating (simulated) Mars light
• Directional operating headlight
• Illuminated number boards as it appeared in 1946
• Kato magnetic knuckle couplers on the front and rear of the locomotive
• Fully detailed cab interior accurately modeled with room for N scale figures.
All detail parts installed
• DCC friendly, optional EM 13 DCC Decoder available separately, see below.

Southern Pacific GS-4 #4449
ITEM # KA-1260301 - 2nd Run -

LIST: $197.98

Southern Pacific GS-4 #4453
ITEM # KA-1260302 - DCC Ready

LIST: $197.98

Southern Pacific "Lines" Wartime Black GS-4
Kato GS-4 Wartime Black
Southern Pacific Wartime Black "Lines" GS-4's
Originally delivered in “Daylight” colors, many GS-4's were repainted by the SP in wartime black with “Southern Pacific Lines” lettering and with full skirting to reduce maintenance requirements. These locomotives represent the first group of GS-4 locomotives delivered in April and May of 1941 which were assigned to the Coast and Los Angeles Divisions. They were used to pull the “Morning Daylight” and other Southern Pacific trains such as the “Coast Mail”, but were also used in freight service.
Southern Pacific Wartime Black GS-4 #4431
ITEM # KA-1260303 -

LIST: $197.98

Southern Pacific Wartime Black GS-4 #4438
ITEM # KA-1260304 -

LIST: $197.98

Southern Pacific Post War Morning Daylight Passenger Set
Kato SP Morning Daylight Passenger Set
Southern Pacific "Morning Daylight" Passenger Cars
In the 1940’s, the Southern Pacific “Morning Daylight” was possibly the world’s most beautiful train, its orange and red striping being reserved for the SP’s premier train lines. This “Morning Daylight” consist ran between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the beautiful California coast, past cities such as Ventura, Santa Barbara, Salinas and San Jose. Heading up the “Morning Daylight” was the specially built steam locomotive, the GS-4, one of the most well known steam engines ever designed.
- Click on cameras at left for additional photos.

The SP “Morning Daylight” was an all Pullman built lightweight passenger train consisting of:1 Baggage-Chair car (44 seat) 1 Coffee Shop (1st third of articulated car)
1 Kitchen car (2nd third of articulated car) 1 Dining car (final 3rd of articulated car)
10 Articulated Chair cars (each 46 seat) 1 Chair car (44 seat)
1 Tavern car (56 seat) 1 Parlor car (27 seat) 1 Parlor Observation car (22 seat)

The “Daylight” cars are fitted with operating outer diaphragms, which makes the entire train appear as one contiguous unit rather than separate individual cars. Cars were added and subtracted from the consist as traffic warranted.

• Specific interior and exterior details
• Three unit articulated diner set
• Operating outer diaphragms on articulated cars
• Observation car with a continuous lighted drumhead and red marker lights
• All detail parts installed
• Interior of cars can be lighted with optional installation of #11210 Interior Light Kit
with White LED
• Optional Kinematic close coupling kit available. See below.

New Run Announced 7/5/11 -- with all new road names/new road #'s

SP "Morning Daylight" Basic 10 Car Set
ITEM # KA-106060 -

LIST: $249.98

SP "Morning Daylight" Basic 10 Car Set #2
ITEM # KA-106061 - New Run/New #'s/Due Nov 11

LIST: -$270

SP Morning Daylight Articulated Chair Set 2
ITEM # KA-1066302

LIST: $55

SP Morning Daylight Articulated Chair Set 5
ITEM # KA-1066305 

LIST: $55

SP Morning Daylight Articulated Chair Set 6
ITEM # KA-1066306

LIST: $55

SP Morning Daylight Articulated Chair Set 7
ITEM # KA-1066307

LIST: $55

For a more streamlined look, an optional (Item #923505) Kinematic close coupling kit is available. As you see here, the couplers are designed to hold the cars close on straights, while flexing outward to allow the cars to go around tight curves. Click on photo at left for larger view. Pkg contains 10 pair.
Kinematic Close Coupling Coupler Kit
ITEM # KA-923505 - 10 Pair / Pkg - In Stock

LIST: $9.98

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