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NCE N Scale Decoders
NCE N Scale Decoders

EPF (Extended Packet Format) Decoders support:

  • Silent Running™ motor drive
  • Torque Compensation for ultra smooth low speed performance
  • Programmable Start, Mid and Maximum speed works for all speed modes
  • Motor rating 1 Amp continuous, 1.25 Amp peak (stall)
  • Both function outputs have lighting effects generators
  • Select from 15 different lighting effects (Mars, strobes, beacon, flicker, etc)
  • Lighting outputs can be mapped to different functions
  • Uploadable speed table interpolated to 128 speed steps
  • Decoder assisted consisting
  • Support for all forms of DCC programming
  • Decoder programming lock mechanism
  • Brake on DC feature assists automatic train control
  • Complies with all applicable NMRA Standards.
Most NCE decoders are 2 funcion decoders only. They are also substantially lower in price. What does this mean? Is the "sacrifice" worth the savings?
Functions are used to control optional features on the locomotive. 2 Function decoders are usually assigned to control front and rear lights--so the appropriate light is on when the loco is moving in a specific direction. If that is all you need ... why pay more? If you plan on installing operating mars lights or strobe lights, for example, ... then you would need a decoder with additional functions available to control these features.
Note: All new Atlas DCC equipped locos will feature NCE decoders.
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New DCC Decoder Test Kit
Decoder Test Kit
Why wait until after it is installed to find that your decoder is not working? NCE's DTK allows you to test how well your decoder is functioning. Suggestion: Mount pc board on a small wood block for ease of use. Go to Radio Shak and get aligator clips - alot easier than twisting/holding enclosed wires.
DTK - Decoder Test Kit
ITEM # NCE-219

List: $24.95

N Scale Plug N Play Drop-In Decoders for Atlas
NCE N12A0 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for ATLAS GP38, GP40, GP40-2, U25B, U23B, B23-7, B30-7, B36-7, SD-7/SD-9, Trainmaster, etc.

LIST: $29.95

NCE N12A1 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for ATLAS SD50, SD60, SD60M, etc.

LIST: $29.95

NCE NAVO 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for ATLAS VO-1000
ITEM # NCE-137

LIST: $29.95

NCE N12A2 2Function Decoder
Drop in for ATLAS GP7, GP9, GP-30, GP-35

LIST: $29.95

NCE NH15/16-44 Decoder
Drop in for ATLAS H15/H16-44 Locos. Programmed marker lights change color with direction.
ITEM # NCE-159

List: $29.95

N Scale Plug N Play Drop-In Decoders for InterMountain
NCE N12A0e 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for INTERMOUNTAIN Tunnel Motors, etc.

LIST: $29.95

NCE N141P 4 Function Decoder
Plug in for ConCor PA, 4-8-4, locos w/DCC 8 pin socket

LIST: $29.95

N Scale Plug N Play Drop-In Decoders for Kato
NCE 12K0a 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for Kato Alco PA, EMD E8, Genesis P42's

LIST: $29.95

NCE 12K0b 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for Kato EMD F3/F7 A/B Units

LIST: $29.95

N Scale Generic Decoders
NCE N12SR 2 Function Decoder
Generic N Scale Decoder, 3 inch wires.
ITEM # NCE-119

List: $35.95

NCE N12SRP 2 Function Decoder
Generic N Scale Decoder, 8 Pin NMRA Plug

LIST: $35.95

NCE N14SR 4 Function Decoder
Generic N Scale Decoder, Narrow, Thin, 1 Amp
ITEM # NCE-131

LIST: $29.95

NCE N14SRP 4 Function Decoder
Generic N Scale Decoder, 8 Pin NMRA Plug

LIST: $35.95

N Scale Accessory Decoder
New! Switch8 Mk2
Control for up to 8 Tortoise Switch Machines. Remember position of switch during power outages. Supports full range of DCC accessory addresses. Easy programming - no need to connect to programming track. See new Button Board below..
Switch-8 Mk2 - New w/Easy Programming
For control of up to 8 Circuitron/Tortoise™ Machines
ITEM # NCE-151

List: $69.95

New! Button Board
Optional "Button Board" for Switch8 Mk2. Provides local push button control. Simple hook up, 2 wires to the track, 2 wires to each switch machine. Up to 16 push buttons can be added to Switch8-Mk2. Accommodate N.O. Pushbuttons or toggle switches. Simple hook up: 3 wires to Switch8 Mk2...
Button Board for Switch8 Mk2
For control of up to 8 Circuitron/Tortoise™ Machines
ITEM # NCE-152

List: $29.95

For remote control of Kato Switch Machines
ITEM # NCE-SwitchKat

LIST: $24.95

Power Cab DCC System
A complete DCC starter system in the palm of your hand! Wireless compatible. Features:
  • NCE's famous easy-to-use Pro Cab
  • Runs up to four N scale trains
  • The only entry level system with full featured programming track.
  • Includes: Manual, Cables, PCP Panel ... even the Power Supply is provided.
  • Installation a snap! Hook 2 wires to track, plug in the cab ... and you're running trains
  • Complete - Nothing else to buy!
Unlimited Expansion - Click on photo above for more details!
NCE Power Cab DCC System
ITEM # NCE-25 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

LIST: $199.95

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