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Micro-Trains Spruce Falls Paper Boxcars w/Loads

These cars typically were used to carry newsprint to many prominent newspapers of the day, including the NY Times and the Washingtn Post, among others.
Spruce Falls Paper Co. Boxcars, 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-Spruce - With newsprint loads -


Micro-Trains Southern Bulk Commodity Boxcars

Southern Bulk Commodity Boxcars, 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-SRBulk - With roof hatches!


Southern Weathered Bulk Commodity Boxcars, 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-SRBulk-W - With roof hatches / Weathered


Atlas Norfolk Southern Roanoke MOW Tanker Set

Norfolk Southern Roanoke Shops MOW Tanker Set
ITEM # NSE-NSRoanoke


Micro-Trains Norfolk Southern MOW Loaded Gondolas

Norfolk Southern MOW Loaded Gon 2 Pack Set


Norfolk Southern MOW Gray Gondola


Micro-Trains Seaboard Air Line Green Hornet Box Cars

Seaboard Air Line Green Hornet 2 Pack Set


Seaboard Air Line Green Hornet, Single from set


Beers of Virginia Special Run Beer Reefers

Beers of Virginia 3 Pack Set #1: Embassy Club, Southern Ale, Rupert Beer.


Beers of Virginia 3 Pack Set #2: Merry London Ale, Richbrau Beer, Olde Virginia Pilsner.


Beers of Virginia Complete 6 Car Set - Save $9.95
ITEM # NSE-BOV12 - Includes Set 1 and Set 2


Beers of Virginia Olde Virginia Beer, Single


Beers of Virginia Complete 7 Car Set - Save $14.95
ITEM # NSE-BOV7 - Includes Set 1, Set 2, Single car


Fox Valley Models Special Run Milwaukee Road Box Cars

Milwaukee Road Spent Grain Boxcar 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwSpent2


Milwaukee Road Spent Grain Boxcar, Single Car
ITEM # NSE-MilwSpent - Single Car from Set/Our choice rd #


Milwaukee Road Short Rib Boxcar 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwShort2


Milwaukee Road Short Rib Boxcar, Single Car
ITEM # NSE-MilwShort - Single Car from Set/Our choice rd #


Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose Sets
Norfolk Southern Heritage Sets 1 and 2 are now sold out / discontinued.
Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose Set 2 - Southern Family
Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose Set #3 Conrail Family 2nd Section
ITEM # NSE-NSCaboose3 - Includes 5 Conrail Family Cabooses - Limited


Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose Set 2 - Southern Family
Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose Set #4 Norfolk & Western Famiy
ITEM # NSE-NSCaboose4 - Incudes 5 N&W Family Cabooses


Norfolk Southern Modern Caboose
ITEM # NSE-NSCab5 - Modern NS Caboose, Single


Latest Releases now in stock.

In 1992, the CSX painted GE Dash 8-40CW #7812 into a special scheme and renumbered it #1992. It was used to pull trains for President George H.W. Bush and candidate Bill Clinton. Eventually, this unit was renumbered to 7812 and wore "The Spirit of America" scheme.
While serving as the Presidential locomotive, it was refitted with bulletproof glass. On the bottom of the cab side, "The Presidential Whitle Stop Tour 1992" was painted on. When the President was on board, the Presidentail Seals were displayed on the cab sides, and 3' x 5' POTUS flags were mounted on the left side of the cab. When President Bush was not on board, an American flag was displayed on the left. This is your opportunity to add this unique piece of American and railroad history in model form to your layout and collection.

CSX 1992 Presidential Locomotive
ITEM # NSC-CSX1992 -


Atlas Limited Edition: Atlas is already sold out, but BLW still has this discontinued loco in stock and available for immediate shipment.
CSX Spirit of America #7812 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-51942 -- Blue/Yellow/Red/White

LIST: $129.95

Even more colorful than the original AirCo release which very quickly sold out, now available is this attractive AirCo Box/Tank Car 2 Pack Set. Includes 2 cars with different road #'s.
Airco Box/Tank Car Set #2, 2 Pack
ITEM # NSE-Airco2 - In Stock!


Click on photo above for additional MOW equipment, including UP MOW Sets 1 through 4.
UP MOW Crew Cars - Set #3
ITEM # UP MOW3 -RPO #905027, Parlor Car #906024


The RI Rocks with these 2 new Micro-Trains Graffiti cars.
Rock Island Graffiti Boxcar 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-RIGraf - In Stock!


BNSF Special Run Offerings

Click on photo above for listing of all special run BNSF offerings available
BNSF R-70-20 Penguin Ice Reefer
ITEM # NSE-BNSF-Penguin - With Micro-Trains Trucks


Oregon and Central Railroad Vinegar Cars

Vinegar is a versatile liquid that results from the fermentation of ethanol. In food preparaton procedures, it is a multi-purpose product as an ingredient and condiment. Outside of cooking, vinegar has medicinal, household cleaning and agricultural applications. These cars are an interesting addition to any fleet of rolling-stock. Also of interest is American Model Builders G.R. Dill & Sons Pickle Works structure kit. Click on photo above for details.
Oregon and Central RR Vinegar Car 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSC-Oregon2


Oregon and Central RR Vinegar Car Single Car
ITEM # NSC-Oregon1 - Single car from set (our choice rd #)


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